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A minimum requirement of 2,500 sq.ft land area (ground floor) and an investment of 25 Lakhs is required, for a premium residential location in your city, preferably an independent villa/bungalow, with a separate boundary wall alongside the outdoor play area.


To know more about project financials, please connect with our business development team at


Responsibilities of a Kangaroo Kids Franchisee

For a rewarding and long-term association, our franchisees have the following competencies:

  • A passion for providing quality education
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • An ability to replicate business process / model
  • An ability to maintaing high standards of quality in teaching delivery
  • An ability to adhere to curriculum implementation systems, process, polices as prescribed by KKEL
  • Recruitment, training and skill upgradation of their employees
  • Strong team building and long-term retention skills
  • Capability to ensure parent-teacher engagement program
  • High levels of relationship management with customers


1Will you manage the school after the setup?
The KKEL team will be involved in helping you set up the school, once the school is setup we would have a team of Key Accounts Managers who will help you in certain activities.
2What will the school be named as?
The school will be under the banner of Kangaroo Kids International Preschool.
3What board is the school affiliated to?
We have our own patented pedagogy which is unique as its based on neuroscience
4What will be the returns from the Kangaroo Kids International Preschool / Billabong High International School?
Based on the location the Sales Manager can suggest a ROI for that location
5How much time will be needed to setup the school?
Typically it takes between 60 days to setup a preschool
6What kind of equipments you will provide?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer
7What are the enrolment seasons for school?
Enrolment season for preschool is on throughout the year but the fresh term typically starts in June/July.
8How much royalty and association fees do you charge?
For setting up a preschool you require a min of 25 lakhs and 2500 sqft built up area. Preschool royalties are 14% on total fees collected.
9Is franchise fee refundable?
No the association fees are not refundable.
10What you will offer against so much of franchise fee?
We offer a bouquet of services and our Sales manager is the best person who could provide you with a detailed answer.
11How are you different from competitors?
Its not something that we can explain in a few lines and will have to be showcased, once your meet our Sales Manager you will get the uniqueness of our offering.
12Why do you need 25 lacs investment for starting school?
The major cost is construction / renovation of the property, a more detailed ROI on the project will be shared by our sales manager.
13What is the maximum number of students in one class and till what class?
We have ratio of 1:8 in each class, no of students will determine the no of teachers needed in each class.
14What are the requirements for starting a preschool?
The basic requirements to start a Kangaroo Kids International preschool are, an investment of 25lakhs and ideally 2500 Sq. Ft space.
15Who will take care of legal approvals?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
16When will the project breakeven?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
17What are the expenses other than the building and furniture?
Other than building and furniture, other expenses are manpower, marketing, transportation, associationfees, necessary legal duties and fees & administrative costs.

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