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Starting with a single Kangaroo Kids preschool in 1993 and Billabong High International School in 2003, today KKEL's revolutionary model of education is imparted at over 100+ schools and Pre schools in 40 cities across India & Internationally across Dubai, Middle East and Maldives.

KKEL OWNED Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools, the pioneers in new age schooling and learning methodology, have initiated a movement that has changed the face of preschool and high school education in India. The methodology adopted is an amalgamation of the best practices not just in India but across the world giving the students the best learning experience

WE ARE the pioneers who are largely responsible for the paradigm shift from ‘teacher-centric’ to ‘learner-centric’ education.

Our Goal

  • To enable children to be Thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.
  • To facilitate experiential learning.
  • To create a Dynamic and Caring, teaching and learning community that values the ‘Whole Child’.
  • To Encourage Social, emotional, language, cognitive, physical, creative and aesthetic Development.
  • To provide quality education within a Safe, Safe tress-free and supportive environment.
  • To promote Inclusive education.

Vision for Learn pal

To give your vision the wings to build your legacy by running a high quality preschool in your name with a world class curriculum

Why you should consider Learn pal

  • Learn pal is a comprehensive curriculum from the KKEL stable that has brands like Kangaroo Kids International Preschool & Billabong High Intl School
  • Backed by 20000 hrs of research
  • Curriculum is designed to accommodate more students in the class as compared to the Kangaroo Kids Curriculum
  • Spread your legacy powered by Learn pal

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