Importance of Games and activities for children

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April 23, 2020
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Young children have a lot of energy. They have the eagerness to learn and like to explore new things. They are curious to touch, feel, and taste everything new to them. Toddlers are always on the move and it is important to keep them occupied and channelize their energies. Getting them to play outdoor and indoor games and engaging them in different activities keeps them occupied and also helps them learn a few life skills subtly.

Here we share some of the reasons why games and activities are important for children:

1. Keeps them fit and active: human beings in general need physical activity to burn out their energy. If this habit is inculcated right from the beginning they will remain and fit and active always:

2. Enhances social skills: when children step out of their home to play, they interact with various people and they learn to deal with other peers and elders thereby helping them in building social connections and refining their social skills.
3. Collaboration: when playing games children collaborate with other children. This teaches them to work in teams and how the team is more important than the individual.
4. Creative skills: this may be a bit of a surprise, but playing games help children develop their creative skills. When children play puzzles, board games, etc they learn to think creatively to win the game or complete the puzzle.
5. Improves analytical skills: Indoor games and activities help children use their analytical side of the brain to progress in the activity they are participating in. Eg. games like chess, Sudoku, scrabble etc.
6. Games help build strength: when children play indoor or outdoor games that are high intensive in terms of running/ jumping/ clumbing etc., they are building stamina and physical strength which helps strengthen their immune system.
7. Sportsmanship spirit: when playing any game you win some and lose some. This helps build sportsmanship spirit in children which is an essential life skill.
8. Decision-making skills: children have to make many decisions while playing a game. Which pawn to move or this puzzle will fit here or should I pass the ball to the left or right. These simple things slowly but surely help children in enhancing their decision-making skills.

Listed above are a few of the benefits of encouraging children to play games or engage them in fun activities. We have seen that a lot of parents find it difficult to engage young children as they lose focus quickly or get bored doing the same activity and they take to the screen. It is essential to keep the exposure to the screen minimal.
There are various things you can do to engage children, however, do try to make sure you are involved as well:

· Solve puzzles
· Do role plays
· Have a dance party
· Karaoke sessions
· Read books with them
· Cook with them
· Play indoor games
. Play Hop Scotch
· Clay modelling
. Do art & craft activities
· Play board games, memory games & quizzes

Every parent strives to give the best to their child, however, remember that life is not all about how well your child did academically; it is about their all-round development and personality. So make sure they are exposed to games, activities, sports, and performing arts too.

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