How to Open a Preschool in Hyderabad?

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April 23, 2020
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April 23, 2020

Pre-primary school education is an early childhood education trend that is fast catching up in India. Parents are realizing that preschools are the stepping stone to prepare toddlers for a lifetime by building a robust foundation for the child’s overall development. Taking into consideration the huge parental demand for preschools even in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India, industry leaders in the preschool sector are expanding wings across the length and breadth of the country. As a result, the pre-school market in India is witnessing an exponential growth.

Things to consider when opening a preschool in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known as the gateway to south-central India; it is recognized as a global trade centre in multiple areas, including its status as the world’s only diamond market. The economy of Hyderabad is based on traditional manufacturing, the knowledge sector, and tourism. In the 1990s the city diversified in different sectors with growth of IT enterprises, biotech, insurance, and financial institutions. With the advent of the IT boom a vast number of IT professionals, scientists and investment bankers have migrated to Hyderabad and have set their base here, there is a huge chunk of foreigners also based in Hyderabad. Hyderabad has, over the years transformed into a hub of well-travelled audiences belonging to the middle & upper middle-class households. They aspire the best in life and also aspire to give their children the best of everything.

We recommend investing in preschools if you have a true passion for young children and the patience and resilience to actively participate in the growth of your preschool from day 1. This is an intensive venture in terms of your time and energy. Active participation in day-to-day operations of your preschool from day 1 will lead your preschool to assured success.

Here are the points you need to consider starting a preschool in Hyderabad

1. Standalone Preschool OR Franchise Brand:

You have 2 options to start with, you can start your own preschool by registering your own brand and building the preschool offering, curriculum, set up etc from scratch or go with an existing preschool brand that is running preschools successfully in the country (a tried and tested model). Even if you choose to go the ‘franchise route’ there are mass preschool franchise brands and then there are premium preschool brands. You need to evaluate which side of the segment you would like to be in.

2. Thorough market study & analysis:

Recommended to do a thorough city-study on the top preschools in Hyderabad and in the key locations where you can start your own preschool in the city. Shortlist 4-5 preschools/brands and start visiting these centres and researching online in terms of ratings and reviews of these centres etc. If possible, do a mock admission enquiry at the centre and understand highlights of the preschool – their USPs, different aspects in terms of how teaching happens etc. This will prepare you when you are talking to the preschool franchise team as well.

3. Detailed evaluation of shortlisted preschool options:

Make an enquiry to the top 2-3 preschool franchise brands you have shortlisted and discuss your options over call or in a meeting.

4. Meeting preschool franchise team & reviewing proposal:

It is important for you to pre-plan when meeting the preschool franchise team so that you get all the details needed for you to take your final decision. A business plan from them with the details on ROI, break even etc. Detailed information on franchise partner support being offered by the preschool and information on what are the new initiatives/plans the preschool brand is coming up with, for you to understand the long term vision of the brand. This will help you have all your answers in place for your review and discussion with family / or partners.

5. Location for your preschool in Hyderabad:

Irrespective of the preschool franchise brand you choose, it is important to pick the perfect location when you are starting your own preschool as it is a big deciding factor in the overall success of your preschool – Some things to keep in mind are
• Area of the plot or bungalow, location and the locality
• Preferable to choose a location next to residences, townships, K12 schools (as parents want continuity) and corporate parks (daycare enquiries)
• Some of the ideal locations to open your preschool in Hyderabad are L B NAGAR, KPHB, KOKAPET, KONDAPUR
• Shortlist 3-4 locations you like. In case you already have space do a feasibility study for a preschool in that location

6.Evaluating the pros & cons and making the decision:

Once you have received all the details and solved all your doubts, you can compare and measure the metric across shortlisted brands and see which brand is giving you the best value for your investment and take the final decision.

Starting your own preschool is a life changing experience and it is something that stays with you forever. It is important to take a decision that gives you confidence in the vision and mission of the brand you choose so that you are assured that you are moving in the right direction with your choice of preschool franchise brand. We hope that this article has given you all the details you need if you wish to start your own preschool in Hyderabad!

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