How to Open a Preschool in Delhi?

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April 23, 2020
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The rising demand for quality education has seen an increase in the demand for quality schools and preschools. Over years, early childhood education has become increasingly important and is now recognized by parents as formative years in the overall development of their child.

This has made preschool an ever-growing sector. The choice of preschool has become a matter of social status for parents today more than a mere ‘tick-off the list’.

Things to consider when opening a preschool in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of our country and the largest commercial centre in northern India. It has a mixed population right from businessmen, self-employed however majority of the population are government and administrative employees, or they belong to political families, Delhi is home to expats as well. The people of Delhi are brand conscious and well-travelled. They give prestige and quality education a high amount to value and look at sending their children to the best educational institutes. Hence a lot of parents look for a school which have multiple centres across the country.

Here is what you need to do to start your own preschool in Delhi.

It is important to understand that if you are looking to start a preschool – “you must have a passion for children as this will ensure you ace your role as a ‘preschool owner’ and not just impact the lives of all the children that become part of your preschool but grow your preschool year on year”.

Some of the important factors to consider are:
a. Are you seeking to start your own preschool under your own brand name – here you will have to run the business all by yourself with or without support
b. If you are considering a franchise brand – yes, this will be a tried and tested model and you will have support on set up, promotions and on the teaching process/ methodology too
c. Within franchise preschool brands also, there is a choice you need to make between a mass brand or a premium brand
Here are the points you need to consider starting a preschool in Delhi:

1. Choosing the right preschool franchise brand:

You will need to do local city analysis on the different preschool brands in Delhi and which preschools are doing well. Ask around, meet parents from these preschools and shortlist 3-4 preschool brands

2. Visit the preschools in the market:

Once you have mapped the top preschools – connect with parents and understand the unique differentiators of the preschool. Why did they choose this preschool. is this preschool unique and worth taking up as your own (if it is a preschool franchise brand) Do a market study and make mock visits and understand the admission pitch from the counsellors at the franchise centres.

3. Call the preschool franchise brand head office/ or regional manager in your city:

Reach Out to the preschool franchise team once you have shortlisted the 2-3 best preschool franchise brands you would like to consider and submit your application.

4. Meeting & presentation:

Make a checklist of important questions you want to ask during your preschool franchise meeting with the regional team. What are your main motivations behind starting the preschool? are you concerned about ROI? Do you want to understand the kind of support the franchise brand offers?

5. Select the best location/ ideal location in Delhi for your preschool:

The location where you open your preschool is one of the deciding factors in the overall success of your preschool. It is a combination of a strong reputed preschool franchise brand and a perfect location that will attract the right kind of parents. Your location should be:
• Around premium residences, townships, planned townships
• Around corporate and/ or IT hubs (working crowd for day-care)
• Some of the ideal locations to open your preschool in Delhi are Rajouri Garden, New Friends Colony, Punjabi Bagh, Vivek Vihar, Ashok Vihar, Dwarka, and Grater Kailash Shortlist 3-4 locations you like. In case you already have space, do a feasibility study for a preschool in that location

6. Weigh the pros and cons:

This is a matter of investment not just monetary but also in terms of your time and energy. Ensure you choose the brand that you resonate with most, a brand that is truly doing innovative things in preschooling – so that you are not a ‘me too’ kind of an offering in the market where parents won’t ultimately see value. Evaluate the complete offering in terms of the budgets that you have in hand, and the kind of returns that you forsee from the franchise brand and take a final call

we hope that this article has given you all the details you need if you wish to start your own preschool in Delhi!

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