How to Open a Preschool in Bangalore?

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June 7, 2018
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Over the years Early Childhood Learning has gained a lot of importance, it has been recognised as crucial years of learning for children. The demand for good preschools has also gone up. Gone are the days when parents sent their children to a preschool because both worked or because the mother wanted a break of a few hours. Today, parents look at sending their children to preschools so that they are well equipped and not just achieve milestones but ‘ace’ their milestones. It is a matter of pride and a social status too for parents, depending on the kind of preschool/ playschool their child is enrolled in.

While starting a preschool might seem like an easy task, there are several factors to keep in mind if you are keen on opening your preschool.

You are dealing with young minds and need to take a well thought through and researched call if you are starting your own preschool OR going with a franchise brand

If you are choosing to start your own preschool there are several factors from set up, to daily operations, teacher-recruitment & training and the most important that is the ‘teaching methodology’ or ‘curriculum’ that you will have to keep a hawk eye on, right from the start

If you are choosing a franchise brand, you will have the support on all elements listed above. However you will have to make the choice between a mass brand v/s premium brand of a preschool

Things to consider when opening a preschool in Bangalore/Bengaluru:

As we know, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. In addition to being an IT hub, it is also a huge manufacturing and food processing hub attracting professionals from across India and world over. The outlook of the people in the IT and corporate sectors is highly ambitious, well-travelled and ones that prefer high quality goods, shopping etc. They have good social circles and want the best in life right from the car they drive to the home they stay and undoubtedly the kind of ‘education’ they give to their children.

Being a city with a lot of population coming from different parts of the country and abroad – there is a comfort level and preference to ‘international’ preschools and school chains and schools with a multi-city presence. This is considering if they are transferred from one city to another and still want their child to continue with a well-known brand and a reputed network of preschools and schools. That being said, it is recommended to choose a franchise brand with a multi-city network and is premium.

Here is what you need to do to start a preschool in Bangalore. To start with, open a preschool only if you are passionate about children and would want to create a difference in their lives through education.

Here are the points you need to consider to start a preschool in Bangalore:

1. Choosing the right preschool franchise brand: Research and look up about different preschool brands available in Bangalore. Talk to people, visit preschools and look at the admission/enrolment numbers in these preschools. Find out which ones are doing well. Shortlist a 3-4 most preferred preschool brands

2. Visit the preschools in the market: Do a Bangalore city-study and map out the top preschools. Visit the best preschools in Bangalore you have shortlisted and talk to parents.. find out WHY they chose to admit their child to the preschool, what is special/different/unique about the brand, learn more about how the preschool function. You can even do a mock-admission enquiry to see how the admission counsellors explain the curriculum and understand the highlights of the teaching methodology and pedagogy.

3. Connect with the preschool franchise brand head office/ or regional manager in your city: Call the preschool franchise brand you have shortlisted or submit your franchise enquiry online. Meet the preschool franchise team and understand the complete process, franchise fee, investments, ROI’s etc

4. Preschool franchise research: Ask relevant questions when you meet the preschool franchise team. What are you most concerned about? Do you want to know about the long term impact of this investment in 5-7 years.. DO you want to understand ROI in 3 years? Would you like to know more about their ‘franchise support’ and where all you will be assisted once you take up or collaborate with them. Would you like to understand if you can grow with the chain i.e. in the long term, do you see yourself opening multiple centres of this brand and making it big in your city?

5. Select the best location/ ideal location in Bangalore for your preschool: Irrespective of the preschool franchise brand you choose, you should look up the most ideal locations to open your preschool in Bangalore. Some of the things to keep in mind are

• Area of the plot or bungalow, location and the locality
• Keep in mind most parents would either like the child close to their workplace or home. so look for a IT park or a posh residential area
• Some of the ideal locations to open your preschool in Bangalore are JP Nagar, Nelamangla, Electronic City, Marathalli, Yeswanthpur, Basweshwar nagar Shortlist 3-4 locations you like. In case you already have space do a feasibility study for a preschool in that location

6. Weigh the pros and cons: Once you have met the representatives of all the brands, weigh the pros and cons of each brand, look at the curriculum, ROI, investment, the support they provide, the marketing support and then take the final decision.

You are dealing with young minds and you need to be very careful with the preschool franchise brand you choose. One recommendation we would make is to take a close look at the preschool franchise brand you are finalizing and ask yourself:

Is this a truly unique brand that is delivering something that is not available / not being done by other preschools (a preschool that is delivering unique curriculum will definitely stand out and be preferred by parents)
• Is the preschool franchise brand offering you the right support: Will you get a good handholding, training and support along the way to ensure you have a buzzing centre with good admissions
• Is the preschool franchise brand successful at a pan-India level: is the brand doing well and are other preschools or centres of this brand in your city or in the neighbouring cities doing well in terms of no. of years other centres are running successfully, no. of admissions at the centre etc

We hope that this article has given you all the details you need if you wish to start your own preschool in Bangalore!

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