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Described below are a range of activities that enable every child at Kangaroo Kids to maximize learning with fun.

  1. Daily Activities
    Children choose from a variety of different activities available in the classroom: block building, puzzles, kitchen play, transport toys, sorting objects. They initiate their own play, either alone or with other children. They learn how to work independently, take turns, share, and play cooperatively with others.

  2. Sports Day
    An annual sports day is held for all the children to participate in a variety of fun and interesting games that let them tap their skills and develop team spirit. Parents are welcome to attend.

  3. Annual Concert
    Every year, an annual concert is organized around a unique theme. Every child participates in these concerts. They are usually grand affairs with lots of music, colour and movement. These concerts are the highlight of the academic year and offer a platform for children to become comfortable with performing on stage.

  4. Special Days
    There are variations in the daily routine for class field trips related to special interests, such as a visit to a local restaurant to see how food is prepared, to a bank to learn about money, to the park to look at leaves or to discover what lives under that rock. Special visitors like police officers, fire-fighters, or doctors are invited to speak to the children.

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