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“The course curriculum was well-designed, very comprehensive and extremely useful. The practical component of the ECCE course was a fantastic learning experience. Now that I have my own class, I can deal with varied situations that I face everyday.”
Sagari Nayak
(Currently teaching at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai)

“Taking up this course has helped me groom myself overall and has exposed me to my own qualities, skills and potentials as well as given me a opportunity to enjoy one of the most respectable professions. A combination of all has helped me to build the most beautiful experiences. Every step will be a new learning experience. This achievement is only possible with KITDR.”
Naseem Kanchwala
(Taught at Fazlani L’Academie Globale, Mumbai)

"To teach is to learn twice"
"I spent one of the best years which will be treasured throughout my life, doing the ECCE course at KITDR. It was a great learning experience with an extremely friendly atmosphere. The lessons gave me significant practical knowledge and enhanced my confidence. Now, I feel that I can help a bud to blossom in this ever challenging, competitive and dynamic environment.”
Renu Raniwala
(Taught at Ecole Mondiale World school, Mumbai)

“The curriculum gave us in-depth insights about child development, which is very essential to understand how to teach in classrooms. The field practice experience helped us to face everyday situations as we learned from the mistakes we made and the continuous feedback we got; we emerged as strong teachers.”
Ruhi Gopalani
(Worked as BDM at MAAC Junior Toon Club)

“It was a wonderful and enriching experience with a healthy working environment and awesome teachers!”
Radhika Khatri
(Currently Teaching at D.Y. Patil International School)

“The course was comprehensive and has given me a lot of insight into different aspects of child development. The practical aspect of the course provided us with the experience of working as teachers. A very big thank you to the coordinators for all the encouragement and support."
Ramona J
(Professional Development Designer at Kangaroo Kids Education Limited)

“Usage of up-to-date methodologies in teaching and a genuine concern in growth and development makes KITDR a great package”.
Nikhat Merchant
(Worked as Content Developer at Kangaroo Kids Education Limited)

“KITDR is a journey that transfers a novice into an expert. It’s a place where everything is very organized. Their main success lies in the friendly atmosphere, team spirit and the facilitators.”
Koyal Punatar

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