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To support our goal of integrated, holistic learning, every Billabong school comes with an infrastructural support*.
  1. Libraries
    Every Billabong High has a well stocked library with interesting and informative books on a variety of subjects. Students are encouraged to refer to these books not only for academic purposes but also to discover the pleasure of reading in a serene atmosphere.
  1. Laboratories
    Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are an integral part of our school infrastructure.The laboratories allow all students the opportunity to explore the practical dimensions of these disciplines to the fullest. They are equipped with tools required to conduct a series of experiments as prescribed in the curriculum.

  2. Computer Centre
    Each school has a computer centre that helps to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its working in every child.

  3. Sick Bay
    Cheerful colours and restful surroundings are to be found in the sick bay. It has a soothing, yet vibrant feel to it that can make an unwell child feel better.

  4. Dining Hall
    We also provide healthy and balanced meals to children in the dining hall. High standards of cleanliness are maintained so that children are protected from any harm. Sharing meals also provides the children with a sense of community.

  5. Canteen
    Children can also purchase snacks and small tidbits from the school canteen. This facility is separate from the meals provided in the dining hall.

  6. Sports infrastructure
    The physical development of each child is an important goal at all our schools. To the extent that is possible, sports infrastructure is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines like swimming, gymnastics, basketball, etc.

  7. AV Centre
    Tools like audiovisual clippings, presentations, songs and cartoons are used extensively in our curriculum. For this purpose, an exclusive AV centre is allocated with all the required electronic equipment and facilities.

  8. Assembly Hall
    The assembly is an important rite in every school’s schedule, where all the students, teachers and staff come together. These gatherings are held in the assembly hall.
Facilities provided differ from centre to centre though each school will provide most of them.

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