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Implementation of our curriculum is the most crucial function of each and every KKEL institution. To understand how we put into practice our curriculum in the classroom, do take a look at these examples:

How math is taught in middle school

The central idea is to understand mathematical terms and concepts through interactive methods. So students enjoy math through:

  1. Hands-on mathematical activities, e.g., Pythagoras' rule
  2. Teaching by asking instead of telling, i.e., through deduction and induction rather than memorizing, e.g., Fraction
  3. By using multiple intelligences. For example, visual learners learn through presentation, auditory learners, through discussions and explanations, interpersonal learners through group activities, and intrapersonal learners through individual work
  4. Application- based teaching
  5. Comparative teaching
  6. Constant reviews - There is a review paper after every two chapters or topics. A comprehensive class worksheet before every review paper helps revise the topics.

Major Objectives
  1. To organise, interpret and present information accurately
  2. To understand systems of measurement in everyday use and utilize them to solve problems
  3. To estimate, approximate and work to appropriate degrees of accuracy
  4. To interpret, transform and make appropriate use of mathematical statements expressed in words or symbols
  5. To recognise and use spatial relationships in two and three dimensions, in solving problems
  6. To recall, apply and interpret mathematical knowledge in the context of everyday situations
  7. To make logical deductions from given mathematical data
  8. To apply combinations of mathematical skills and techniques in problem solving
  9. To set out mathematical work, including the solution of problems, in a logical and clear form using appropriate symbols and terminology.

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