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  Learner Centric
  Research-based Curriculum
    Based on Brain Research
    Multiple Intelligences
    Integrated, Theme-based Curriculum
    Bloom’s Taxonomy
    Developmentally Appropriate
  Superior Quality Standard


Research-based Curriculum > Overview

Everyday, various branches of research throw up insights on child and adult learning. The unique thing about our curriculum is that the latest relevant research is synthesized into the curriculum and its various manifestations into the learning process. This helps make our curriculum highly engaging and relevant while following the guidelines of the respective boards. The highlights of our curriculum are encapsulated in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

‘What’ refers to the explicit and implicit content.

  • Explicit content is what people see, hear, and the books they read.
  • Implicit content teaches students a variety of skills and helps them develop a level of awareness.

For example, in class when children are studying about world leaders, they not only learn history but also understand the qualities that are required in leaders. They are made to introspect and emulate the qualities of a leader.

‘How’ refers to the various methodologies used to engage all the senses of our students. We adopt within the curriculum varied research on evolving a high level of learning effectiveness. What you will find in this section are the three theories upon which we base these methodologies.

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