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  Learner Centric
  Research-based Curriculum
    Based on Brain Research
    Multiple Intelligences
    Integrated, Theme-based Curriculum
    Bloom’s Taxonomy
    Developmentally Appropriate
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  Research-based Curriculum > Integrated, Theme-based Curriculum

Using themes to organize instruction for young children has been popular since John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer first proposed that curriculum should be related to real-life experiences.

Theme teaching helps children to form complex concepts from fragments of information. Not only does theme teaching enhance children’s concept development, it also provides a means for integrating content learning and processes learning in ways that are meaningful to them.
In our integrated theme-based curriculum:
  • Each subject is supported by a body of content that has been adequately researched.
  • The content is woven innovatively to be of relevance and interest to the children.
  • Subject related information is also imparted to the children through hands-on activities and interactive discussions.
  • No subject is taught in isolation. All subjects are integrated to make the curriculum more holistic. This is the thematic approach of teaching.
  • A typical program links subjects like English, Math, Social Science, Grammar, Creative Writing, Creative Activities, etc.
  • The journey with each theme ends in a Culminating Activity where students perform (enact a play, set up an exhibition, run a mock shop etc.) to demonstrate their understanding of the concept. Parents participate in these activities too
We develop curriculum across all grades using this methodology to ensure maximum learning.
For a few illustrative examples of integrated curriculum, refer to:

The Culminating Activity

It is an activity-based display that demonstrates and expresses to parents that children are achieving learning goals and outcomes as well as developing required skills. It may involve a culminating exhibition, performance or portfolio.

Students are encouraged to use all their intelligences to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. They can ‘perform their understanding’ in a variety of creative ways.

As students demonstrate 'what I know now' and share new knowledge with other class members and parents, there is opportunity for further extension of understanding. It also allows parents to be involved in the learning process.

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