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  Learner Centric
  Research-based Curriculum
    Based on Brain Research
    Multiple Intelligences
    Integrated, Theme-based Curriculum
    Bloom’s Taxonomy
    Developmentally Appropriate
  Superior Quality Standard

  Research-based Curriculum > Developmentally Appropriate

Curriculum is considered age appropriate or developmentally appropriate if it is based on knowledge of how most students grow and what they can do  socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, at a given age.

At Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High, classroom activities are planned in such a manner that they are appropriate to students’ developmental abilities and support each student’s physical,intellectual and emotional growth.

Although we look at each aspect of development separately, all areas of development are interrelated and therefore integrated within the curriculum.

Social development - addresses how the student relates to others
Physical development - includes growth in size, strength, motor skills and coordination
Cognitive development - refers to how the student thinks, processes information, solves problems and uses language to communicate.
Emotional development - relates to feelings about self and others.

For an illustrative example of how developmental milestones are kept in mind while designing curriculum, click here.



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