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We, at KKEL, believe that the environment in any child care centre should be one that minimizes the sense of institutionalization to provide a sense of security and safety to enable children to learn and grow.

All our centres are vibrant and learner friendly. Each centre adheres to strong ambience, quality and safety guidelines as set out by KKEL. The centres have various activity-oriented facilities at Billabong High International and Kangaroo Kids.

What we learn is influenced by our emotions and our degree of self-esteem. Emotions are also crucial to memory because they facilitate the storage and recall of information. The emotional impact of any lesson or life experience may reverberate long after the specific event is over.

Keeping all of this in mind we ensure that all KKEL schools provide a warm and supportive environment.


Safe and Supportive Environment
School environment is learner-friendly.

  1. Most of the study material is kept in class.
  2. Schools are designed for maximum learning.
  3. Classrooms and play areas are safe.
  4. Optimum temperature is maintained in class to enhance the learning process.
  5. Equipment is regularly upgraded to match changes in the curriculum.
  6. Student numbers are limited as per guidelines.



We ensure a nurturing, warm and friendly environment where children feel emotionally safe.

  1. All children are encouraged and paid attention to, making them feel accepted and special.
  2. Assessment is continuous and non intimidating. Various models are used to gauge understanding and encourage personal excellence.
  3. Strategies for time management and planning study schedules are taught to reduce examination stress.
  4. In addition to written assessments we also adopt various performance-based assessments, like response journals, debates, projects, research and creative writing that indicate academic progress. Most units are followed by a Performance of Understanding. A Performance of Understanding is an activity - based display that showcases the knowledge and skills that the students have acquired.
  5. Classroom dynamics encourage active participation of students giving them complete freedom to express themselves, thus boosting their self confidence.
  6. Enrichment and support programmes are designed to hone the potential of all students.

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