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Each child is unique and develops at his/her own pace. An optimum teacher-child ratio, in all the grades, allows us to cater to each child’s individual needs:

Playschool 1:6
Nursery 1:8
Jr. KG to Grade 2 1:12
Grade 3 and 4 1:15
Middle & High School 1:30 (exclusive of subject teachers)

The KKEL curriculum is based on active and experiential learning. An optimum teacher-student ratio ensures effective implementation of this activity-based curriculum. The teacher student ratio at the various levels allows for the transition of students from dependence to interdependence to independence. The sequence followed here is from weakness to strength to greater strength. This order of growing independence helps the student display learning away from the guidance of the teacher demonstrates that he is able to accomplish certain tasks by himself and lets him begin to control the learning process.

This is contrary to the development of social skills and outcome based performance where we encourage students to grow from being dependent to becoming independent and then interdependent. The trail followed here is somewhat reversed – the child chooses to be interdependent only after becoming independent. By doing this she/he displays the attitudes of a team player. In this new definition, cooperation is not to be seen as an act of abject necessity but one of positive choice; developing the ability in children to co-exist meaningfully

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