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  Firsts by KKEL
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Firsts by KKEL

Some of the firsts by KKEL:

  • The first institute in the country to introduce and implement Inclusive Education across its schools along with an Open-entry system (admissions on a first come basis).
  • The first to set and maintain an industry benchmark in providing an optimum teacher-student ratio in its high schools (grade 5 to grade 12 - 1:24) and preschools (playschools - 1:6, nursery - 1:8, Jr. KG to Grade 4 - 1:12)
  • The first to introduce a parent-partnership model based on high parental involvement and one that is intensively feedback driven.
  • The first to introduce a learner centric methodology and introduce innovative ways of learning by providing an integrated activity and theme based learning. While other institutes have adopted activity-based learning as a standalone concept, they have failed to imbibe the basic premise of such a model – to demonstrate practical application of knowledge and for more effective assimilation of knowledge.
  • The first and currently constituting the handful of institutes to have a dedicated in-house R&D team and provide a constantly updated and researched curriculum.  The delivery effectiveness of its curriculum is unparalleled.
  • The first and only institute to develop a 360 degree delivery model of curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodology, operational processes, policies and quality benchmarking from the learner’s point of view.
  • The first national education chain to set its imprints globally.
  • Set up the first and only teacher training institute (KITDR) in the country imbibing the principles of Andragogy - learning strategies focused on adults.

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